Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hearts and butterflies

I'm afraid my family tree research has taken over my life - I just can't put it down so that is where I have been this last month.

I wanted to show you this really cute wedding card (well, I think it is cute).  It is not an original idea of mine - I saw a card some time ago on the blogs, thought it was cute, but did not need a wedding card so didn't bother to take note of where it was - Murphy's law !!  I just remembered that it was done with the heart punch, which I don't have, so I had to cut a template. 

Now, this photo WAS the right way around but it REFUSES to post correctly so I am sorry about that.  I wasn't sure about doing a black and white wedding card but I think  it looks good.

The only other 'new' card I have is this one.  I know I have done others but I guess they went out without a photo.

I love the shape of the Top Note from SU and have been cutting them from a template for ages.  They look terrific for this type of 'patchwork' card.  I would like to get the Top Note die but I want to find out if they can be used in a cuttlebug. 

I have had a huge wish list for the mini catalogue since it came out but just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Need to move on that before the new book comes out and things are deleted.
Cheers for now,