Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Amazing Advent Calendar 2014

My Daughter never fails to amaze me with the gifts she chooses, not only for myself, but for the family and her many friends.  Any gift received from Susan will have been especially chosen for you alone, and will be special. 

After many years of delightful, always generous, sometimes hilarious, often very hilarious, but always very welcome gifts, this year's gift must take the prize as the most ingenious!

This year, she gave me an Advent Calendar - yes, there were chocolates, but I can assure you that it most definitely was not one of those cardboard ones with a chocolate each day.

I wanted to document this for my own sake (and for some friends who did not get to see it in real life) and decided to do so on my blog, but I must warn you it will be a long post and many of you will probably be not in the least interested as it does not contain anything in the way of card making.

So with that warning .....  here it is:

 ... on Day One, the little drawer held a quote from A. A. Milne, and the scroll on the right contained the poem "King John's Christmas", which my Granddaughter read out to me very beautifully. 

A.A. Milne was a favourite  author when my children were growing up, and indeed some years ago, my Daughter gave me  "Now we are sixty" and "Now we are sixty (and a bit)" by Christopher Matthew based on Milne's books.
I probably should have pointed out that many of the drawers held personal memories and the gift was chosen to tie in with the memory.
Day Two and the drawer held beautiful origami hearts made by Susan - a new skill for her to learn:
Day Three: A Christmas Tree Brooch sat inside the drawer and there was a lovely LED tree light as well.
Day Four held a tiny paper snowflake and behind the chest of drawers was a much larger one, reminding me of an earlier Christmas when the children helped us to make so many that the house the house was filled with them.

Day Five and the gift inside was a tea bag with a note that read:

There was also a voucher for a visit to the Tea Co - my current favourite little tea shop.
The drawer for Day Six held a tiny photograph (5 x 3.5 cm) of a very memorable Christmas lunch 1987, when I managed to set fire to the tablecloth while attempting to "flame" the Christmas pudding.  In fright, I sat back onto the chair, which then collapsed under me, and you see my children helping me up while my beloved husband took photos of the event!!! 
The gift that went with this memory was a plastic tablecloth !!
Onto Day Seven and a gorgeous little lantern was the gift to suit the "Star Light, star bright" poem, with a special message on the reverse.

Day Eight - Yumm!! the gift card says it all - home made with love!  Another first for Susan.  Delicious gluten free shortbreads - all for me!   The tiny photograph showed a previous Christmas table laden with all our family's traditional  food.
Day Nine held Christmas tree  earrings to match the brooch from Day Three, and a very true comment from Charlie Brown.

Day Ten and the bells are beginning to ring - loved the words and the gift of bells which made an impromptu "wreath" on my front door.
 Day Eleven saw the first of the chocolate gifts with a tiny Lindt bear in the drawer and this larger boot filled with Lindt chocolates hiding behind the calendar.
On Day Twelve there was a list of Mothers' sayings.

Also a book called "Family Matters".

Day Thirteen and Pooh popped in with Piglet and a lovely Rose Quartz stone.

Day Fourteen had a poem from the Grinch which talked about feet and an emery board, so of course I received a voucher for a pedicure.
Day Fifteen produced a paper clip angel - and another new skill.

More goodies arrived on Day 16 with a gift set of a hot chocolate kit.

What on earth could be the significance of the cotton buds on Day 17 ? Oh of course - an Ear Candling voucher ....

 ..with appropriate message as well!

Day 18 - DVD - "Cuban Fury" and a reminder to Dance!

On the Nineteenth day the drawer contained gorgeous heart shaped emery boards and little clippers and a voucher for a manicure!
Day 20 - the gift was a large family portrait and a collection of smaller ones.
Day 21 - a voucher for a full massage !!
Day 22 - a voucher for a High Tea Party.
The gift with the voucher was this very cute teapot and canister.
Day 23 - WOW! - My very  own gluten free and fructose free Christmas pudding - and home made by my Daughter.  Oh my, it was delicious!  Susan's first attempt at Christmas puddings were amazing and both family and friends were the lucky recipients - I think the total was around 14!
 Not sure that this was my pudding, but it did look the same.
Day 24 - a beautiful poem by Tennyson - "The Eve of Christmas"
Day 25 - Merry Christmas!!
How very true that is!
Thank you Susan for such a brilliant Christmas gift!