Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello December Album

I really liked the idea of Stampin' Up's Hello December album and thought it would be the perfect gift for my Daughter to journal her family's December activities.  However, as the time got closer I could see there was no way she would have the time to complete it, so, (in a moment of madness) I decided to do it for them.  It seemed so simple - there's always plenty of photos right ??? and how hard would it be to just add a tag with notes here and there!  Oops, how wrong could I be??  The photos never seemed to be in the right orientation, or not quite the right number of them to make the layout flow.  In some cases I had only one photo which was more difficult.  Each time I opened the album I moved everything again.
I won't bore you with all of it but here are a few pages from the finished album.
First Christmas party of the season.

A very special Advent calendar for me - made by my Daughter.
Food platters for the class parties.
Some new traditions amongst these goodies.
Old Favourites.
And so this was Christmas! - not something I will be repeating for next year but nice to have it all finished.
Thanks for popping in.