Thursday, September 29, 2016

Flower Box Class

Yesterday four of my class ladies came to learn how to make a "card in a box".  
I have made many different versions over the last few years and knew that they were quite time consuming, but hadn't realised just how much time they took.  So glad I pre-cut and scored all the basic box elements, cut the leaves and the pieces of window sheet to mount the flowers on.  We started at 1pm and finished around 6.30pm with a well earned stop for scones and lemon curd sponge somewhere in there as well.
In retrospect it would have been a little easier if they had all made the same colours and flower style, but, hey, they had fun choosing their colours and design as they each knew who they were making their box for.
Unfortunately, with finishing so late, I totally forgot to take some photos of the finished boxes. 
One lady chose to make the spiral roses in yellow and cream and two made their flowers from the Flower Shop set - one in multi colours and one in blue - and the other lady decided on a balloon theme in Dapper Denim.  Two of these ladies are complete beginners and other two are fairly new to stamping, so this was quite a project for them, but they all loved it.
As I am unable to show yesterday's creations I have added some photos of ones I have done previously.

This is the style using the spiral rose die:

Flower Shop in multi colours:
and an all blue one:

a couple of special "big" birthday balloon boxes:

and a fun one for my Grandson!!

Thanks for popping in, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my fun day yesterday.  It really is lovely being able to share something you enjoy with others.  I know I should have started these classes sooner.

Friday, September 16, 2016

For the girls

Today I wanted to post a few of the different cards made recently.

The first one was was my Daugter's oldest Niece.  Hard to believe where the time has gone.  It seems such a short time since they were babies.

Happy Birthday Caitlyn!

Now, whatever happened to our sweet princesses and ballerinas?

It seems incredible that beautiful young 11 year old girls would want a birthday party theme of "ghouls", but that was exactly what my Granddaugter's friend wanted.  

The party venue was completely stage dressed and quite amazing, as were the outfits the attendees arrived in.   Thankfully, the card I came up with reflected the theme as well.  I was so relieved when I    found this stamp in my stash.  It is "Elizabeth" from "Make it Crafty" and was perfect for the occasion with the addition of a bit more mascara.  Going by some of the outfits at the party, I probably should have had her in a white dress with blood dripping down it from her eyes !!!!!!  EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

This third one was for a 12 year old and had a lot more opportunity for some sparkle.

Happy stamping,

Card classes

I am now holding monthly card making afternoons for a few neighbours and it has been such a lot of fun.  Can't imagine why I didn't do it sooner.
As they were pretty much beginners, I tried to start out fairly basic with the card designs, but I also wanted them to see the fun stuff as well.
These are just two of the cards we have made so far.


A very simple card with a little stamping on the background and three layers for the butterfly, while this one gave them a chance to play with the big shot and an embossing folder.

Looking forward to the next gathering,

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Snap - you're great!

It's always harder to think of something appropriate for a male birthday.  However, as soon as I saw the camera in the "Pun Intended" stamp set, I knew who I would be using it for.  It took a little longer to work out how to use it, but since I had been trying my hand at ink blending, I decided to go for a sunset background..

I was able to use another of the sentiments from the set on the inside of the card - Hope your Birthday is "picture perfect" !

I resisted the No Bones Stamp set for quite some time, but finally gave in, and I am so glad I did.  There have been some very clever cards made with it.  Some of them add sentiments like "old fossil" and "bag of bones", but you'd have to be on good terms with the recipient to get away with those.  
I went with the safer option on this card which was cased from Bibi Cameron. (sorry I am unable to link at the present).