Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why do I scrapbook?

I usually tell people that I am not into scrapbooking, but I have realised that I most definitely am a "scrapbooker" in the truest sense of the word.
While out walking this morning I was wondering who I could ring and ask "Hey, can you remember what you were doing on this day 50 years ago?"  Sadly, not many people came to mind.
I pulled out my Wedding Album and saw glimpses of a few friends and relatives but not a group photo of all who came.
very modest by today's standards
oh my !!!!!
Then I remembered my Scrapbooks - just that, those old fashioned scrapbooks that we buy now for the kids to scribble in.  Over the years I made one for every special birthday, enagement, wedding or birth, into which I pasted all the beautiful cards received, scraps of the lovely wrapping paper and ribbons, and usually a list of gifts received.  Pasted, filed and forgotten!  Until now!  I pulled out the Wedding one.
nothing special - just a covered scrapbook
Amazingly, the first half of the contents were still in situ but then as I turned each page the cards fluttered out at me.  Obviously the first batch of tape I used was far superior to the latter.  Yes, the pages have certainly turned yellow (mustard, actually), and there is no need for distressing here, but the cards and their messages are as clear as ever.  What a lovely reminder of work friends long lost, family and friends long gone, and yes, a couple where I just could not put a face to the name.  Ahh memories - very bitter sweet because I don't have anyone to share them with, but wonderful just the same. 
the invitations, printed by my Brother, are as crisp and lovely as ever
and the cards - love the one with the fan!
I decided a blog was in order to remind myself and others why I make scrapbooks. 
Just this last week I brought home two carrier bags with all of the Baby and Christening cards and paper to make a book for my Grandson.  I did wonder whether it was a waste of time, but this morning has shown me that perhaps it is not.
the next project to be scrapbooked
I hope you have enjoyed my walk back in time and hope you have a lovely day on this 50th anniversary of my wedding.
PS.   Yes, in case you were wondering, I did re-affix all the errant cards.  Used double sided tape - I don't think it will have to last another 50 years!

Monday, January 13, 2014

A little more Christmas

It is always a pleasure to make something special for good friends and the following little parcel was for a friend who went on holidays just prior to Christmas.  Her favourite colour is purple so I am sure she would have liked it.

I did have plans to decorate the Lindt chocolates but ran out of time.  Although on this occasion I have used cards and papers from my stash, the Bon bon is made with the recently introduced SU Envelope Punch Board.  I have had a lot of fun making many different boxes and envelopes with it in the last month or so.

Since I joined SU, I have had lots of new toys to play with and plenty of beautiful products to use as well.  Certainly keeps me out of trouble.

This next card was for a special friend who is a lover of pink and glitter, but I don't think even this was quite enough sparkle for her.

So proud of myself here as I actually used one of the beautiful Frosted Finishes Embellishments on this card.  I loved them so much I bought a second pack even though I still had lots left.  I did make two sets of ear-rings from them and they were much admired.
I needed to make a gift card for some vouchers which turned out to be quite large and it took me a little while to work out, but I think they looked really great when finished.  Of course being larger than our normal cards, I needed to make special envelopes for them - Envelope Punch Board to the rescue!!

I mentioned above that I had made some boxes with my latest toy so thought I would pop in this photo of them.  I cannot claim the credit for their design though, as I saw them on the blog of Sam Donald from Pootles - an amazing box maker.
Aren't they cute?  most of them only take a six inch square of dsp.
Bit of an overload of photos I know, but thanks for staying with me,

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas in review

Whilst cleaning out files on the computer and ipad I realised that I had been somewhat slack in posting updates onto either of my blogs, and I have a glut of photos that never saw the light of day - indeed, not only had I forgotten them, but I had great trouble remembering to whom the cards were given or why I made said cards, so I thought I would try and remedy the problem now, and instead of starting at the beginning I am going to work backwards.

So this was Christmas:
The cards were made in batches of two,

some were cherry and some were blue:
Many thanks for the design must go to Monica Gale's gorgeous card.

The banner was flying for all to see,
but I didn't get around to erecting the tree:
 - see previous post for a photo of the banner!

The stockings were hung for the grandchildren three (and Mum and Dad as well, see!):

For more photos of the stockings click onto my stitching blog at the right.
The presents were wrapped (before Christmas Eve !!!!!) - so early for me:
and that's about it - there's no more from me.

A Christmas Banner

Perhaps it would have been better named "Post Christmas Banner", but nevertheless here it is.  I had it made in November, but wasn't overly happy with it so I took it apart and re-jigged it a bit. 

Just Add Ink are looking for a Christmas project as are the girls at Sunny Challenges, so I thought this might fit both bills.

I started the project with a Banner Kit from Stampin Up and all of the elements are from SU too.  Not an easy one to take a photo of, but I am sure you get the idea.

Happy New Year to everyone !!