Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The big Four O !!

I can now show you what I made for my Daughter's 40th Birthday, and yes, red is her favourite colour!

 I didn't realise I had cut off the top of the card (my photography skills are pretty minimal).  The papers are metallic and the flash has made them look yellow when they are actually very white.

The following begins as a book,

 and then the concertina pages ...... 

...lift out ..........

....... to become ......

...a banner ....

  ....... like this!

Here is photo of the banner on the wall at the venue.

Then the guests all sign the pages to commemorate the event.  Of course, in the midst of the festivities you have to remember to take the banner down to get it signed before everyone goes home !!!!  lol

Thought I'd show you the magnificent cake ... and it tasted as good as it looks.

Another memory for the scrapbook.


Sue Madex said...

Looks a stunner of a card. Great idea with the banner. Would make a lovely memento of the occasion with the messages from guests.

Chrissie said...

Beautiful card and cake Mary but then everything you make is beautiful!! Happy Birthday Susan!!