Thursday, November 25, 2010

A mixed bundle

I am so far behind in posting that I am not sure where to start - at the beginning is always good but I am not sure where the beginning was !!!  A lot of cards went out without a photo because I was busy catching up on birthdays and banners, but here is what I have a record of.

Back in October I made a card as a thank you for the lady who always picks up the books for the book club group.  A friend gives me the old daily pages from the beautiful calendar she receives from America (don't know the name but sometimes the initials ME are stamped on the images) so I had the perfect sentiment to use.

I loved this one when it was done.  Maybe it is all that lovely red!!

The next one was a birthday card for the friend who supplies the calendar pages so I used one on her card too.

As you can see I was still in red mode !!

The daughter of dear friends has received her first posting as a school teacher, so that was a milestone that had to be recorded:

Birthday cards for twins turning one:

 but unfortunately I spelt Lily's name incorrectly !!! 

I have used this simple card for a few of the male birthdays recently:

and this last card is for  my great niece who wants to be a pastry chef:

Happy Birthday Dana!

So that's about it for the cards I have made, but I want to show you this lovely card I received from a very dear stitching friend:

this photo doesn't do it justice - the very fine gauze/silk of the flower and the lace on the card have been dyed to give it a wonderful vintage look, and the edges are stitched as well.  Thank you Chrissie.

Congratulations and thank you, if you are still with me after this long post.

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Sue Madex said...

What a great collection of personalised cards. Those calendar pictures are just perfect for cards aren't they. Love them.