Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas in review

Whilst cleaning out files on the computer and ipad I realised that I had been somewhat slack in posting updates onto either of my blogs, and I have a glut of photos that never saw the light of day - indeed, not only had I forgotten them, but I had great trouble remembering to whom the cards were given or why I made said cards, so I thought I would try and remedy the problem now, and instead of starting at the beginning I am going to work backwards.

So this was Christmas:
The cards were made in batches of two,

some were cherry and some were blue:
Many thanks for the design must go to Monica Gale's gorgeous card.

The banner was flying for all to see,
but I didn't get around to erecting the tree:
 - see previous post for a photo of the banner!

The stockings were hung for the grandchildren three (and Mum and Dad as well, see!):

For more photos of the stockings click onto my stitching blog at the right.
The presents were wrapped (before Christmas Eve !!!!!) - so early for me:
and that's about it - there's no more from me.

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Just Me and My Shadow said...

Beautiful cards Mary and thank you so much for mine :)