Friday, September 16, 2016

For the girls

Today I wanted to post a few of the different cards made recently.

The first one was was my Daugter's oldest Niece.  Hard to believe where the time has gone.  It seems such a short time since they were babies.

Happy Birthday Caitlyn!

Now, whatever happened to our sweet princesses and ballerinas?

It seems incredible that beautiful young 11 year old girls would want a birthday party theme of "ghouls", but that was exactly what my Granddaugter's friend wanted.  

The party venue was completely stage dressed and quite amazing, as were the outfits the attendees arrived in.   Thankfully, the card I came up with reflected the theme as well.  I was so relieved when I    found this stamp in my stash.  It is "Elizabeth" from "Make it Crafty" and was perfect for the occasion with the addition of a bit more mascara.  Going by some of the outfits at the party, I probably should have had her in a white dress with blood dripping down it from her eyes !!!!!!  EEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

This third one was for a 12 year old and had a lot more opportunity for some sparkle.

Happy stamping,

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lostinpaper said...

Such fabulous cards! Love all that glittery wonderfulness, it adds so much festivity to a design!