Monday, September 20, 2010

Forty fabulous flutterbys

Flutter by butterfly
Floating flower in the sky
Kiss me with your petal wings
Whisper secrets, tell of spring

As soon as I saw these butterflies I knew what I was going to do for a special 40th birthday card.  When I started cutting them out I was a bit doubtful as to whether I could fit 40 of them on one card, but I did. 

I used my favourite stair step card which always look great for special birthdays.  The card stock is SU  confetti white and I stamped it in gold with the Vintage wheel.

It was getting rather crowded so I used three wires and adhered seven (double sided) tiny butterflies onto each stem which took up 21 then 9 medium sized and 10 large and the one extra large one on a wire at the top.

You can probably just see one of the wires at the top of the card here.  I just adhered them at one end and then bent the wires so they would go where I wanted, but would still be floating free.

I then made a belly band for the envelope the gift voucher was in, and just tucked the right side of the card under the belly band by about 3 cm.  It looked great.

So altogether I cut out 64 butterflies ! 
Wouldn't want to do that every day but I think it was worth the effort.

I'll be back soon with another stair step card.


Just Me and My Shadow said...

WOW!! You are so clever Mary. It's fabulous.

Sue Madex said...

Wow Mary that is a masterpiece. I can't imagine cutting and arranging all those butterflies but the finished card looks stunning.