Sunday, October 16, 2016

Flutter by butterfly ....

flutter by butterfly, 
floating flower in the sky, 
kiss me with your petal wings, 
whisper secrets, tell of Spring.

My Daughter's friend was celebrating a special "0" birthday last night.  The colour scheme for the party was purple, mint and white, and as she just loves butterflies it was pretty obvious that she would get a kaleidoscope of them.  

My go to card for special birthdays is the 'card in a box' as it is so easy to get the wow factor with them.   Yes, they do take a lot more time, but I think they are worth it.

So this was the card for my Daughter to give:

 and this was my card to her:

and how about this gorgeous cake, made by my Daughter?  The colour of the "nude" icing was just perfect.

Once cut, the cake showed the marbling of the colours beautifully.  

A very special cake for a very special lady.
Many happy returns!!


Margaret said...

Wow! Your daughter and you both have wonderful talent! That special friend must have been so thrilled!

Christine Blain said...

The cards you made are just over-the-top gorgeous, Mary. And that cake - what a masterpiece! You and your daughter are quite the creative geniuses!

Sue M said...

WOw that is one special birthday - love the cards and the cake is gorgeous too.

lostinpaper said...

ALL so incredible, I don't think I would have wanted to eat that beautiful cake (but of course would have just so it didn't go 'to waste' lol). Your card / butterflies in a box is glorious and definitely worth the extra effort for those '0' birthdays. Hope you all had a fabulous time celebrating!